The Light of Rosicrucianism

By Chief (Dr.) Kenneth Idiodi, FRC 

Light has been known to exist in the Universe since the beginning of Creation and has remained since then, in different cultures, a symbol of the presence of God. There are myriad sources of Light today, but the pristine sources are the Sun, the myriad of stars and of course the moon, which reflects the luminosity of the Central Sun. In different religions light is considered to be synonymous with the Absolute, the Creator, the Omnipotent, the Grand Architect of the Universe. It denotes knowledge and in this respect a person who wants further knowledge on a topic requests that “some more light be shed” on the topic. It is also used to denote Wisdom or he who gives wisdom.


Wise people in society are referred to as “Luminaries”. This indicates that such persons are not only knowledgeable but are capable of applying their knowledge in such a way that they shine and glitter over and beyond all others in their field, and are the sources of light in their area of service to humanity. The Rosicrucian Order from time immemorial has had such Luminaries as members. Some of the prominent Rosicrucian Luminaries include:

Albert Einstein, the Rosicrucian mystic and German Scientist of Jewish extraction, who gave to the world the law of relativity, was named the “man of the 20th Century”. The law of relativity which states the relationship between mass and energy of all of God’s creation, has been applied to influence the lives of human beings at a scale which no other scientific invention has done in the past. 

Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician and Rosicrucian Philosopher who gave to the world a theorem called after his name in mathematics. As a luminary who lived in the 6th Century B.C. He lived well in advance of his time and this earned him persecution. 

Sir Francis Bacon (1561 – 1626) , a British Prince who authored the Shakespearean Plays as a medium of giving through the theatres, the Rosicrucian knowledge and philosophies to the nobilities of Europe. In humility, he hid his identity under the pen name of Shakespeare but has given to humanity rare knowledge in all fields of human endeavour. He also authored another work as the Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order “The New Atlantis” in which the Rosicrucian plans for the establishment of a great new country. Sir Francis also led the team which translated the King James version of the Christian Bible.

Rene Descartes, French mathematician, mystic philosopher and Rosicrucian of the 16th Century,  who lived at the same time as Sir Francis Bacon of Britain, like Pythagoras, and Sir Francis Bacon was a luminary in his time. 

Rene Descartes and many other Rosicrucian students and mystic philosophers of the past and numerous others after them, who bathed in the effulgence of Rosicrucian Light, were living in advance of the mass consciousness of their times. Plato and Thales the Greek philosophers, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and Roosevelt the American Statesmen and leaders, Sir Waldo Emerson, Rousseau and Thomas Aquinas to mention a few others, radiated the divine Light in their thoughts, words and deeds and have left very enviable legacies for the world in politics, leadership, literature and philosophical thought.

A number of Rosicrucian luminaries were the brains behind the formation of the League of Nations which metamorphosed into the United Nations. This body alone, despite attempts by powerful blocs of nations, has along with its many humanitarian agencies, remained the rallying point for humanity.



The question now arises as to what really is this Light of Rosicrucianism, which has transcended continents, races, languages, religions, sex, cultures and even time? It is unfortunate that the sacred principles, knowledge and wisdom which this unique and universal school of life has passed on to humanity from time immemorial, has remained elusive to most human beings in many countries of the world. The nature of the Light is that only those who are ready and worthy in the cycles of human evolution can embrace it. 

The aim of the Rosicrucian Order is the study and investigation of God’s laws, known variously as natural and spiritual laws. Scientists study and investigate God’s laws operating in the physical realm and from here arise several inventions, which have been inculcated in human cultures for health, happiness, the well being of man and the world at large. Rosicrucianism embraces and accepts all the good works of the sciences and the Arts. 

Many of God’s laws, which operate on the three physical levels, also operate in the fourth or spiritual dimension. The Rosicrucians study and investigate these laws as they operate in the multidimensional anatomy of man, his environment and as these promote or affect man’s relationship with other humans and the Supreme Being or Creator or the Absolute or the First Cause. These days some group of Scientists namely, the Parapsychologist, the Psychoanalysts, are working in aspects of this metaphysical science, and discovering for themselves the rare knowledge and wisdom of the Creator, which the strictly mundane scientists do not want to work on.

One of the most important aims of the Rosicrucian Order AMORC is the use of God’s laws operating in the metaphysical, (beyond the physical) astral realm, for bringing health, wealth, happiness, love and harmony to mankind. It is obvious that a balance in the energies, positive and negative, which God has decreed in all things that are in creation, promote the health in man. For humans, the two polarities are the physical body or negative pole and the soul or psychic body, which is the positive pole. Ill health or sickness in man can arise in a number of ways which includes the following:

  • Food or drink containing germs or poisons can be inadvertently taken into the physical system and the effect is ill health. The doctor sets about to find out the cause and remedies that cause in a number of ways.
  • The thoughts of a person and his or her emotions (hatred, unhappiness, fear arising from lack of knowledge, superstition, jealousy, greed) are other factors, which do upset the etheric multidimensional (non physical) anatomy of man and results in diseases and illnesses.

The physical body of man in many religions, is known to be the house where the soul of God in man dwells. All the negative emotions indicated above makes this human “temple” a suitable habitat for other negative entities which enter therein to cause trouble and bring about ill health (mental).

People who without knowing lived a life in which their temples became suitable habitats for these entities are mentioned in the sacred (books) literature of all major religions. If only human beings were desirous of studying God’s laws first hand and not from doctrines, dogmas and creeds, they would be thoroughly aware of the circumstances of their lives, where they inadvertently promote the indwelling of such entities instead of the indwelling of God’s angels in the Kingdom of God that is within them. It is by studying and investigating the Cosmic laws operating in the fourth dimension that man can transcend these conditions. The Rosicrucian Light we are talking about involves these and more knowledge, which are good for man to know.  The Rosicrucian Path will also make you aware that there is other knowledge which is not good for man to know and any wise man or woman will avoid such Paths. Unfortunately, because of willful lack of knowledge, many innocent people, who seek Light fall into the left and wrong Path instead of the right and correct Path.

The Rosicrucian Order AMORC is a school of learning and a university of life. The light of Rosicrucianism dispels the darkness of ignorance, dispels the enslaving influence of fear, dispels the shackles of superstition and the sufferings of avoidable Karma. It is our prerogative to bathe, dwell and live in this light of divine wisdom that each of us may truly vibrate our Cosmic destiny as a living soul.

The Light of Rosicrucianism

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