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How to Better Yourself with Rosicrucian principles

The Rosicrucian Order places serious and intentional emphasis on the betterment of mankind. One of the ways it put this into practice is by providing its members with principles to guide their thoughts, words and deeds.  There are two planes of human consciousness Rosicrucian principles serve to improve – The Inner Self and The Outer Self. The Outer Self consists of the five senses –[…]

AMORC And Society

 By Chief (Dr.) Kenneth Idiodi, FRC We live in a dynamic world of change. A world that has become a global village if not indeed a global family. It is also a world of political instability, social malaise and economic depression in many countries-especially the developing nations. Living and functioning as we do in today’s rather hostile environment, a question is often asked: In what[…]

Mysticism – Key to individual and National Development

By Chief (Dr.) Kenneth Idiodi, FRC  It has been a matter of concern, though not debatable, that Nigeria is classified as a developing country. This classification implies that the country has an underdeveloped industrial base, and a relatively low life expectancy, low educational level, and low per capita income of its citizens when compared to other countries. Clearly, the development of a nation is tied[…]

National Integration for Global Peace

By Frater Johnson Ikube. FRC   The world today seems to be more in need of peace than ever before. We have become more acutely aware of conflicts around the globe especially since the advent of internet and mobile telephony which have literally dissolved all geographic boundaries and brought the whole world together into one environment, popularly known as cyber space.  This has helped to[…]

The Light of Rosicrucianism

By Chief (Dr.) Kenneth Idiodi, FRC  Light has been known to exist in the Universe since the beginning of Creation and has remained since then, in different cultures, a symbol of the presence of God. There are myriad sources of Light today, but the pristine sources are the Sun, the myriad of stars and of course the moon, which reflects the luminosity of the Central[…]

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