How to Better Yourself with Rosicrucian principles

The Rosicrucian Order places serious and intentional emphasis on the betterment of mankind. One of the ways it put this into practice is by providing its members with principles to guide their thoughts, words and deeds. 

There are two planes of human consciousness Rosicrucian principles serve to improve – The Inner Self and The Outer Self. The Outer Self consists of the five senses – touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste –  with which we relate to the mundane material world. The Inner Self refers to the subconscious non-material self that resides within us. To achieve betterment of self, the Inner and Outer Self must be in harmony. The following principles can help us attain that harmony, peace and well-being we are constantly seeking.


5 Rosicrucian Principles for self development


Meditation has several meanings but at its core, it is a way of heightening our subconscious and innermost thoughts to tap into the spiritual plane where external distractions no longer matter. Meditation offers us the opportunity to receive divine impressions, find peace and even solutions to our problems. It also has the added benefit of enhancing our physical health by slowing down the heart rate, calming the nervous system and revitalizing the body as a whole. There are many ways to meditate according to different cultures, religions and mystical organizations. However, in the Rosicrucian Order, we use the simple method of sitting in a comfortable position, taking in several deep breaths with our eyes closed and tuning out the external noise. From there, the mind naturally follows the path of least resistance to find harmony with the Divine within us.


To pray is to commune with the God of our hearts and our consciousness. We can talk to God and the cosmic whenever wherever. It is highly beneficial to develop a habit of praying daily. Turn your thoughts inward and express your deepest sincerest feelings. You do not have to pray for hours or in a loud voice.  Prayer can be as simple as sitting down and speaking to the creator as one would speak to a dear friend. It is worthy to note that experiencing unison with God through prayer helps us achieve the timeless desire or Man Know Thyself.


When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should say is thank you to the God of our hearts for a new day. This expression of gratitude will flow into your day and guide your interactions. It sets the tone for how we respond and react to whatever happens throughout the day. In addition, we are less likely to act in unkind ways towards others and ourselves when we are filled with gratitude. Think of gratitude as clean air being inhaled into your system, reinvigorating your mind, soul and body.


Man’s inhumanity to Man has always been an unfortunate factor of existence. The world today is filled with a constant barrage of intolerant words and actions between mankind. It seems as if people have forgotten how to be kind, respectful and tolerant of others. We have to understand that we share one consciousness and as such, each time we are intolerant to others, it affects us negatively. We  owe each other warmth, compassion and empathy. And once we begin to deliberately practice expressing these to one another, we will experience a marked change in the development of self for the better.


Service is the rent we pay for the room we occupy in God’s territory. It permeates all parts of life from family, to work, to relaxation, to nation building. A person who takes the concept of duty and service seriously will find great joy in seeing how their contribution improves their environment and by extension their own self. Dedication to service in the different aspects of our lives fills us with a deep sense of purpose that anchors and beautifies our existence.


According to H.Spencer Lewis, “man is essentially a soul clothed with a body, and not a body animated with a soul.” Hence, we must strive to continually treat our soul’s existence with respect, care and compassion. Regular meditation, consistent prayer, more tolerance, gratitude and dedication to service are some of the ways we can keep the sacred light burning in our lives, and by extension our environment.

The Rosicrucian Order is a community of people seeking enlightenment and development for world building through health, happiness and peace. You can join us on Facebook or visit our website to know more and become a member.

How to Better Yourself with Rosicrucian principles

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