The secret of Praying

Remember that prayer is communion. It is the most sacred, the most religious, the most vital, the most beautiful blessing and privilege that we have – to talk to God anytime, anywhere God may be. Lift your thoughts, lift your voice, if you wish. Lift yourself higher, but find God at the same time within you.

Talk quietly to your soul

Talk quietly to the soul and consciousness within – talk with joy, a note of cheer and appreciation of thankfulness in your voice. Thank God even for the trials and tribulations because of the lessons they contain. Thank God for every stumble that has caused you to fall, because in rising you have learned a lesson, how to lift yourself up. Thank God for the lessons – good or bad by your judgement. They may all be good in the mind of God. You are not the judge. Two or three times a day talk with God as you walk with God and tell the Deity what you think. Tell God your troubles and trials

Talk to God

Talk to God as you would talk to your closest companion, your dearest friend. Become acquainted with God; be intimate, friendly, and happy with God, for God is all love and mercy. God does not want to be feared. There is no fear of any God that is real; there is neither anger nor jealousy in any God, for the one God above all is the God of love and mercy. And you have the privilege of praying to this God and having your prayers answered.

Spencer Harvey Lewis

Excerpt written by Spencer H. Lewis, Masters of the Rosy Cross, January 2009.

The secret of Praying
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