5 Rosicrucian exercises that will help you live a Healthier Life.

There are five simple Rosicrucian exercises that is beneficial to the well-being of the physical body by harnessing the vibrations of earth’s magnetism. Our earth emits positive and negative vibrational energies that the body can harness and put into good use. We recommend that these exercises should be done as often as possible.

Exercise #1

        The first exercise consists of standing in front of an open window or out in the open, with the feet and ankles touching each other and the hands above the head with palms touching each other.  While remaining in this position for about five minutes, take a series of deep negative breaths – exhale completely, hold your breath out of your lungs for as long as is comfortable; when you inhale, don’t hold the breath. Breathe back out again and again hold the breath out while the lungs are empty.

Exercise #2

        The second exercise consists of standing in front of an open window or in the open air with arms and legs extended to the sides, the feet flat on the ground, and the hands held at head level with the palms pointing upwards. You should then carry out a series of positive breaths – take a deep breath, hold your breath for as long as is comfortable; when you exhale, don’t hold the breath out. Breathe in again and again hold the breath while the lungs are full.

Exercise #3

       The third exercise you will want to do as often as possible consists of going outdoors and forming a star with your body with your back on the ground. Both your legs and arms should be outstretched with the palms turned upwards towards the sky. When you are in this position, take a series of deep neutral breaths – don’t hold the breath on inhalation or exhalation – for five to ten minutes. At the end of this time, you can now continue with your normal breathing routine. This exercise puts you directly in contact with earth magnetism while reinforcing the potential of your negative and positive energy. If at all possible, do this exercise while lying on the grass. Feel free to keep your eyes either open or closed.

Exercise #4

       The fourth exercise will help you benefit from earthly magnetism and electromagnetic properties in the atmosphere. This consist of floating on your back whenever you bathe or swim in a body of natural water, such as the sea or a lake. You should assume the same position in the water as indicated in the last exercise. In this case you should take deep positive breaths, for the retention of air in the lungs helps your body to float. You may continue the exercise for as long as you please.

Exercise #5

        The fifth exercise consists of walking barefooted in the morning dew wherever you have the opportunity. While doing so, take deep neutral breaths. A walk of five to ten minutes is enough to allow your body to profit from the very specific magnetism of the dew. This has special alchemical and chemical properties in that it results from a condensation that brings together Earth’s negative electromagnetism and the atmosphere’s positive electromagnetism.


        Naturally, these five simple exercises should be done as discreetly as possible so that you do not draw unnecessary attention to yourself or seem to act like a show-off. They are simply practices that can be done in a natural way whenever the occasion presents itself.

Adapted by Temidayo Nwabueze from a Rosicrucian manuscript, Rosicrucian digest No 2, 2019, Pg. 22

5 Rosicrucian exercises that will help you live a Healthier Life.
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