Music For Meditation

The history of music is closely related to the development of various practices in any ritualistic type of activity. We find in the earliest civilizations that the development of music took place simultaneously with the development of activities that were associated with religion and with other serious or more solemn practices of individuals in any […]

5 Rosicrucian exercises that will help you live a Healthier Life.

There are five simple Rosicrucian exercises that is beneficial to the well-being of the physical body by harnessing the vibrations of earth’s magnetism. Our earth emits positive and negative vibrational energies that the body can harness and put into good use. We recommend that these exercises should be done as often as possible. Exercise #1 […]

The immense power of sounds and vibrations

Also read; Claude Debussy’s use of the divine geometry in music A fundamental part of the creation of the world as recorded by our ancient narrative, is the involvement of sound, and the resultant effect of the vibrations of the sound in the creation of how we perceive matter, space and time. The Christian tradition […]

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