The Goal Of A Rosicrucian Mystic

By Fr. Dr. Briggs Daminabo Sonny A goal is something that you hope to achieve. This equates to an ambition, object of desire or aspiration. A mystic is a person who tries to unite with God or seeks union with the Creator in prayers and meditations, working assiduously to perfect self through applying God’s laws. In fact, a mystic is one who seeks direct communication[…]

Self Realisation through the Mastery of Life

by Grand Councillor Fr. Johnson A. Ikube. As humans, we are spiritual beings on a human journey. This journey is Self Realisation through the Mastery of Life with its stages of self-discovery and self-mastery, culminating in full consciousness of the Cosmic and our union with the Absolute. In our Rosicrucian parlance, Self Mastery is the penultimate goal to the Mastery of Life. It is one[…]

Burdens and Blessings of Life

The burdens and blessings of life are means, not ends, in themselves. They express the dual creative energies of “being in its ceaseless effort” to enable every individual, Live, Learn, Love and leave some Legacy” of unselfish service towards enlightenment and peace in the world.

Techniques For Overcoming Adversity

  By Fr. Anthony a. Okorie, FRC  Life on earth is full of ups and downs. Without warning, adversity may strike. Hours ago, your world may have been a peaceful cove of tranquillity, only for it now to resemble a raging storm.  Adverse conditions manifest through divergent means—the loss of a dear one, betrayal by friends, the loss of a job, ill health, financial crisis,[…]

The Way Of Peace

By Vincent N Arua  Peaceful living is a deep-rooted desire of every individual or nation. It is a state of balance and harmony that ensures happiness and imperturbability at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.  From time immemorial, man has faced one form of strife or another. It is therefore unsurprising that far back in the 6th Century BC, a Chinese mystic philosopher and teacher[…]

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