The Goal Of A Rosicrucian Mystic

By Fr. Dr. Briggs Daminabo Sonny A goal is something that you hope to achieve. This equates to an ambition, object of desire or aspiration. A mystic is a person who tries to unite with God or seeks union with the Creator in prayers and meditations, working assiduously to perfect self through applying God’s laws. In fact, a mystic is one who seeks direct communication[…]

Enlightened Religious Participation In Nation Building

by Fr (Engr.) Okey A. Udeh – FRC, GC The simple definition of a nation is a large community of people living in a particular territory under one government. Nation building refers to the process of constructing or structuring a nation. The process aims at unifying the people or peoples within the state to remain politically stable and viable in the long run. It involves[…]

Techniques For Overcoming Adversity

  By Fr. Anthony a. Okorie, FRC  Life on earth is full of ups and downs. Without warning, adversity may strike. Hours ago, your world may have been a peaceful cove of tranquillity, only for it now to resemble a raging storm.  Adverse conditions manifest through divergent means—the loss of a dear one, betrayal by friends, the loss of a job, ill health, financial crisis,[…]

How To Deal With Negative Thought Patterns 

Negative thought patterns are energy-draining and can be daunting to handle. Sometimes, your mind appears to run on autopilot, constantly generating unhealthy and self-defeating thoughts.  Fortunately, negative thought patterns are not impossible to manage, as Rosicrucians use proven techniques to deal with them. This article will discuss negative thought patterns and how to deal with them. What are negative thinking patterns and their impact on[…]

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