Awareness of Self

Spirituality And Democracy

There is a possible positive correlation between spirituality and democracy. However, it is not a new concept. A definite and categorical statement was made about this relationship when Plato (428-347BCE) stated that the success of democracy is contingent upon availability of “good men”. A “good man” according to Plato and Socrates, his Master, is a man or woman whose soul has undergone such experiences as[…]

Rosicrucians and Mysticism

The Rosicrucian Order, also known as the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, uses the word “mystical” in its official title; because the techniques and disciplines found in mysticism are the safest and most accurate methods of personal spiritual discovery. When correctly applied to daily situations, these exercises and techniques open one to insights into areas of research associated with spiritual discovery but, unfortunately, still[…]

How To Deal With Negative Thought Patterns 

Negative thought patterns are energy-draining and can be daunting to handle. Sometimes, your mind appears to run on autopilot, constantly generating unhealthy and self-defeating thoughts.  Fortunately, negative thought patterns are not impossible to manage, as Rosicrucians use proven techniques to deal with them. This article will discuss negative thought patterns and how to deal with them. What are negative thinking patterns and their impact on[…]

The Challenge Of Spiritual Leadership

In the world today, the media conveys to us stories and images of a world in confusion, a world in chaos, and indeed a world bedeviled by several calamities-natural disasters as well as self-imposed suffering and anguish. From whichever angle we view the world scenario, be it economic, socio political or even environmental, humanity seems to lack a sense of direction and focus as to[…]

Mystic Wisdom- A Union of Science and Spirituality

BY OPEROSOR There is a huge disconnect between Science and Spirituality in today’s world because our knowledge and educational systems are too specialized in an incomplete manner or too dependent on faith-based beliefs alone.  In a world where scientific thinking is dominant, scientists generally focus on one area of specialization, making them incapable of seeing the big picture of life as a unity or as[…]

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