Ye Are Gods


‘Ye’ or ‘You’, a word used not in the singular but connotes All, referring to all human beings, without exception. The phrase, ‘Are Gods’, denotes common inherent attributes as those qualities ascribed to God but expressed in diverse ways by humans. That is to say, human beings have certain qualities that make them of a kind but are expressed differently, creating dissimilarity among them.

Ascribing humans as ‘the God’ would mean that despite the diverse traits humans exhibit on earth, it does not matter because they are of the same nature with the God accepted Universally and regarded as the Omniscience; Omnipotent, and, Omnipresent’ who was not created but from whom all emanated and manifested, as creations.

On the other hand, ‘Ye Are Gods’ infer that though humans have similar qualities (attributes) with the Creator God, they are products of the emanations and manifestations of the Uncreated God. It follows, therefore, that these attributes in human beings persist in their original essence, as those in the Uncreated God, making humans in the likeness of God.

It further means that these qualities of God transcended to humans through the emanated creations, placing the emanations as an intermediary between God and man, as a manifestation in the creative process. Humans, therefore, have the innate disposition to Reflect these qualities of God in their being, individually and collectively.  

So, what are these Qualities of God and for what Purpose?

How can These attributes be Expressed in the Human Race and, in so doing, Reflect these God’s Qualities Absolutely as Character and Awareness, to be ascribed as one common Humanity? 

The word Attributes means innate (unchanging; primordial) qualities of a thing, event or place that distinguishes the thing as unique and different from every other thing. These attributes are expressed as Characteristic qualities when perceived as objective features and as Character when conceived as intangible, inherent qualities. Both are subject to change through evolution and devolution in their manifest forms, making each person different in character and characteristics.

Furthermore, mankind, through Awareness of their inner self, may come to the Realisation of certain unchanging aspects of the self that are Pristine in nature and possibly common in all animate beings, though expressed most greatly in humans.

Let it be noted that humankind can only become aware of qualities embedded within them. In other words, man is incapable of knowing (beholding), or becoming, that which is not already in the self, including such Divine Attributes ascribed to God that can become explicit in their life. It comes to reason that man, in the realisation (expressing) of the Sublime Qualities and LIVING them as A Way of Life, is to Reveal the True nature of God in Image Form. 

 If the Divine is that whose nature is pure, unchanging, Universal in Mind and Consciousness, Qualities ascribed to God, then only when humankind had attained the concordance of perfect character in mind and absolute awareness, as those of the sublime qualities of God, can they reflect as His True Image.

If God is not a physical being but Spirit, this Image cannot be physical but Spiritual, of a nature that is between God as Spirit and man’s body that is physical. This nature is regarded as Ethereal (the nature of the Emanations as Essence, that is unchangeable in creation). That presupposes that the Medium through which the Image is Reflected is also not physical but Ethereal.

The Pure Essence of God has the synergy to Conjoin with the physical body of man to create a Third Body (a mean between the spirit essence and the physical body), referred to as Soul Personality, making it an Ethereal Medium through which the qualities of God are Reflected as Image, in human beings.

The Soul Personality expresses these qualities through the Objective component of the human body as either Characteristic features (the physical body parts, senses and organs, also referred to as Personality)

; and as Character (the objective mind with moral virtues and conscience and has the faculties of reason; imagination; will; choice; emotions; etc., also referred to as Psychic or Spiritual Self)

; Because the soul personality traverses between the physical body and the Subconscious, in the human body, that is open to the universal consciousness, to receive its vistas of divinity, there is bound to be conflict within the human body, of the material expressions demanded by the physical body that is inordinate, subject to imperfection as good and evil, on one side of the spectrum and the other side, the sublime desires to be reflected as divine attributes.

So long as these conflicts persist in the nature of man, the character would remain imperfect and awareness of consciousness less than absolute. Hence, the individual and the collectivity of the human race would be relatively Evil in character and inadequate to reflect the self as an Image of God. 

Concordance of agreement between the objective demands and the desires of the divine self gives rise to harmony within the soul personality, to express a perfect character and absolute awareness of consciousness and reflect pure attributes as the true Image of God.

And this purity of character and awareness is possible for the individual and the collectivity by two principles of life: Initiation (attainment of perfection through the process of Reincarnation and Karma), and Imitation (willingness to follow Natural; righteous Part to Attainment), thereby, attaining a state of Mind in which God is Reflected in Image Form, and Man persists on earth as Peace Profound, in Body; Mind; and, Soul.

Through these principles, there exists the possibility for All to reflect One True Image and with the same perfect Character to be known as Humanity. This common Humanity in Character and Image shall be ascribed in singular terms ‘Ye Are God on Earth, as It is in Heaven’.  

Ye Are Gods

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  1. Ye are Gods ! Quite interesting topic. This is the principal reason the Rosicrucian order employs the use of three candles upon a triangular alter as a symbol of unity and perfection humanity must attained to regain that original nature of
    the likenesss of God on the material plane human existence for peace and harmony to rain on all ramifications our human specpertives.
    When the student attains the point, called Shekina within the self, a spiritual rebirth ocures which is also refered to as perfection of the soul personality, the absulate or true goal of all sincere Rosicrucians. The union of LIGHT! LIFE! And LOVE! So mote it be

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