Thoughts Have Wings

by Sr. Roselinda Dafikpaku.

Thought is the product of thinking. Thought means, according to the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English: To have an idea, an opinion or belief about someone or place or something in mind. On the other hand, to think is to use the mind to solve something or decide something.

Thoughts are electrical and vibratory impulses of the human mind.  The next question is, where is the mind? The mystic asserts that the mind is in every cell of the human body, which is made of different organs, muscles, flesh, bones, nerves, etc., having a focal point in the human brain.


Thought forms are mental creations formed in the human mind. We can consciously create thought pictures through a process called creative imagination. Examples are;

1. A pregnant woman creating the kind of baby she desires; a handsome, healthy bouncing baby boy that is very loving, peaceful and intelligent.

2. Someone creating a picture of Nigeria filled with virtuous, peaceful, hardworking, prosperous, united people, an exalted nation or country.

3. Newly wedded couples creating a mental picture of a happy family of three children, all loving, peaceful, united and prosperous.


Thought originates in the mind, which is immaterial in nature. The brain is the material control centre of the human nervous system and, therefore, the control centre of the human body’s electrical system. All the impulses that move along the human body’s nerves do so electrically as though moving along electric wires.

The mystic contends and demonstrates through various applications of natural law that with the electrical or vibratory impulses in the brain associated with thought forms, there is an impact upon the consciousness of that thought form and the directing of it to the higher vibrations of consciousness, causing that thought form to radiate vibrations of itself outwardly into space. Such vibrations are “beamed” or transmitted into space and impinge upon the receptive nerve centres of other human beings who may or may not be consciously aware of them. Thoughts are constantly transmitted by man with or without intention.


Thoughts can be classified as positive or negative. Positive thoughts are good constructive, and creative, while negative thoughts are evil and destructive. For instance, thoughts of Nigeria as a great country filled with virtue, discipline, prosperity, and unity are positive.

In the Rosicrucian publication, Medifocus for Nation Building, members are guided through a process of mental concentration for the benefit of the Nation.

From mystics’ knowledge and understanding of sacred universal laws, if many citizens join them to participate in this Medifocus programme at specific times, they will definitely achieve greater and faster results in the overall expansion and elevation of individual consciousness towards self-discipline, societal discipline and national development.

On the other hand, if one continuously thinks of an individual or a group as being disorderly, foolish, selfish, corrupt, etc., these, with time, will create such an individual or group. This is a negative thought.

Thoughts could be negative or positive depending mostly on the motive, purpose or intention in the mind of the thinker.

Thoughts of love, harmony, joy, happiness, peace, serenity, good health, success, tolerance, courage, wisdom, illumination, confidence etc., are positive. In contrast, thoughts of fear, hatred, war, sadness, intolerance, jealousy, envy, insecurity, anger, and failure are negative.


The faculty of mentally creating or organising thoughts or objectifying them or bringing conditions about to fit the mental picture we have in mind is a systematically developed rather than a disorderly (haphazard) one. So the human mind needs the desired training to achieve a purposeful direction in creation. Creation follows a pattern thus: conception, thinking, planning, determination, and action. 

Most of the inventions and creations in all ages were first conceived in the human mind as a thought. Every of our conscious and our unconscious actions has its origin in our minds. 

Mental creation is a metaphysical process involving the use of natural or Cosmic Laws (that is, God’s laws), which the Rosicrucian Order had taught in centuries in her graded lessons.

According to the Rosicrucian teachings, thoughts are organised through the process of contemplation, concentration, visualisation and meditation.


Conception is the act of creating or having an idea in the mind. For instance, we have read from the Holy Scriptures that God, our Father and Creator, first had in his mind the picture of the creation before He passed His Divine fiat or decrees in different days; Genesis 1: 1-3

1. “In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth.

2. And the Earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. 

    And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. 

3. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” Genesis 1: Verses 1-3.

Abraham Lincoln first thought of rapid communication in the mountains (Rockies & Sierra Nevada) in North America before it manifested many years later. Also, the Wright brothers thought of humans flying in the air in large machines heavier than air before it was realised many years later after one of the Wright brothers was dead.

Although it requires the utmost sureness of vision, the most complete devotion to idealization and the readiness to cooperate with God in the labours of how to serve in the whole scheme of things, all humans made in the image of God have the divine consciousness (soul) of God with the attending attributes of Thought, Will and Action. In this way, humans are co-creators with God.


Contemplation is the act of thinking deeply about the ideas we want to realise. This means reflecting on it in quiet moments. For example, Isaac Newton, while seated under a tree still thinking about the law of gravity, saw an apple fall, and this led to an aha experience (illumination for him). Sometimes it behoves of us to reflect and analyse the ideas we want to realise.


It is the act of focalising on one idea at a time in order to give it all the energies it requires for realization. Too many thoughts or ideas at a time keep the mind in a disorderly form. It is like many persons talking at the same time, so one hardly selects what the main idea is. In sending an idea to God, one must have a focus and be consistent with it for a period of time.


Visualization is the act of seeing clearly in the mind’s eyes the idea you want to realise. Is it a healthy, happy, peaceful and prosperous family, a beautiful prospective job, or a healthy, peaceful, prosperous and God-fearing wife or husband? We must visualise each detail, paint each part of the picture and keep adding to it our dreams and meditations until it becomes a living thing in our lives, not the future but of the present. 

We should look at ourselves as standing at the very border of the picture, about to step into it and begin to enjoy all that we have created.

There is no limitation to what the mind can create in its imaginings. No castles are too high, no homes too large, no estates too great, and no part of the country too beautiful or bountiful for the mind to visualise. The world is yours when it comes to painting mental pictures of what you want and what you should have only within the limits of God’s laws.


In meditation, one sits quietly while playing out the roles of conception, contemplation, concentration and visualization of the idea or ideas or thoughts one wants to realise.


Every living consciousness or mind on earth is in contact in some manner or to some degree with the Cosmic Mind. The cosmic mind is simply the sum total of the consciousness of every living creature. 

The subject of thought projection or radiation has intrigued man for centuries. The saying that thoughts have wings is age-old and this is because thoughts can be transferred from one mind to another – a term called Telepathy. It is not surprising for someone to hear a person say in answer to some questions being dealt with that the last speaker has spoken his/her mind. Also, it is not out of place to hear a knock on the door, and the caller happens to be the one you have thought of some seconds or minutes ago.

However, experiments have shown that some persons are more receptive to transmitted thoughts than others. This would not mean that they had more contact with the Cosmic Consciousness but that they had quickened, awakened consciousness and thereby developed a greater degree of sensitivity to the impressions or thoughts being received.

For example, the student of music gradually develops a greater sensitivity to tone values and a tune; he is able to detect very slight variations in the tone of any given note. The Artist is able to develop a greater degree of appreciation of tones in colour. The Architect and Draftsman develop sensitivity to straight and curved lines and have a keen appreciation of the horizontal or vertical correctness of a line.

The Rosicrucians learned centuries ago what exercises and principles could be used by the average person to develop the faculties of the inner self so that impressions can be received and instantly recognised. Such development is always accompanied by the increased functioning of the faculties for transmitting and receiving ideas and impressions.


Thoughts are either positive or negative. Positive thoughts attract good things, good persons and favourable conditions. Positive thoughts create a strong electromagnetic field (aura) around the sender, and this strengthens and protects him.

On the other hand, negative thoughts put cracks in the sender’s electromagnetic field (aura), thereby exposing and allowing bad influences or thoughts to reach him.

Depending on which side one takes, thoughts have more effect on those sending them than those receiving them. That is to say that negative thoughts and influences can easily reach those harbouring negative thoughts, while positive thoughts can more easily reach those holding and sending positive thoughts.

For example, Jesus Christ’s saying of “Love God with all your heart, might etc. and love your neighbour as yourself”, is a spiritual law. This implies that if you love God, then you love the image of God in you (that is, God’s divine faculties of pure thought, pure will and pure action in you). Therefore you would transfer this love of pure thought to your fellow man.

However, if you hate yourself, then you would hate your neighbour, and the effect of this hatred would be felt more by you than whosoever you are sending to. This follows another divine law, “As you sow, so you must reap”, and with interest.

Finally, I will close this article with the advice of a sage to a disciple;

“Watch your thoughts; they become words,

Watch your words; they become deeds,

Watch your deeds; they become habits,

Watch your habit; they become character,

Watch your character; it becomes DESTINY!”

Thoughts Have Wings

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