The Goal Of A Rosicrucian

By Frater (Chief), Sd Eke-spiff

The journey of the Rosicrucian begins as an adventure into the untried vestiges of the unknown, regarded as the Mysteries of Nature, with an initial gulf between the body of knowledge regarded as Rosicrucianism and the Seeker of the seemingly classified knowledge, referred to as the Rosicrucian.

In other words, there is an apparent ignorance of what he or she seeks to find and imbibe in the end, though acknowledging on the temporal level that there are varied phenomena of unknown beyond the present state of awareness that one needs to discover.

The impulse to seek a more profound sense of being begins with an encounter, either by another individual or through a medium other than human, all regarded as indirect external means. It could also be a prompting from within the self, either as residual memories pass through the Subconsciousness into the Objective self or direct impact from the Universal Consciousness that strikes a harmonious chord with the Autonomous Nervous System in the body, which has an affinity with the Cosmic Consciousness.

This encounter elicits a sense of Reflection in the mind of the individual, blended with Emotions: Reasoning: and, Imagination. Imagination raises the moulded idea as sensation from the brain into the higher Ethereal self or the sphere of the Soul Personality to insight a conviction of the idea, and if the emotions of perception and the will of convictions are strong enough to establish a state of Desire, then the impetus of Zealousness, begins when the environmental conditions are supportive, or else the element of delay sets in though with a compelling reminder of an ever-present desire, regarded in mysticism as ‘One on the Threshold (of Light)’.

The continuous reflection on the idea makes the mind ponder on the different phenomena of the world of the unknown. This wonder begins the adventure of study with devotion and experiences the nature and efficacy of the mysteries, which can only be brought about by application and conviction. Otherwise, such study is fallow lying as a mere bouquet in the mind.

Hence, study and its application is the hallmark of each Rosicrucian student, to become acquainted with the tools that make the mystic unique and different

The study and application are the means and not the ultimate goal of the Mystic, of which the Rosicrucian is one.

Study alone keeps the object of knowledge and the knower (seeker) apart while application brings the knowledge and the seeker closer up to the extent of imbibing the knowledge as a veritable part of the knower with conviction. In this instance, the gulf between is no longer in the knowledge but rather the quantum of the knowledge yet to be known and imbibed, the depth of conviction; through experience, and the degree to which the individual lives the knowledge as a way of life, bringing the Rosicrucian knowledge and the knower as one common unit, without refraction.

Closing the divide of the gulf awakens in the Disciple certain objective attributes regarded as Character – such as Devotion, Self Discipline, Humility, Constancy and Openness of Mind to sense beyond the physical forms of things, events and places, etc. In addition to evolving a more progressive character, the Rosicrucian should develop a higher sense of Awareness and become much more critical of both internal and external sensations, and respond to such sensations with better interpretations.

In this regard, phenomena such as Intuition: Visions: Dreams: Energy frequencies and changes, within and without, especially Human and material Aura, Penetration into the sphere of the Ethereal to verify the duality in every created thing and reconciling the different aspects, etc, are the measure of progress and interests to studious students of mysticism.

Acquiring appropriate Character and a higher sense of Awareness brings about the acknowledgement that all sensations are nothing but octaves of energy, sustained and emanating as Force from one common source. The realization of this one common force behind all phenomena is the mystic delight, yet, not the ultimate goal. The objective of this realization is to establish a sense of Peace and Harmony, within and without the self of the Rosicrucian, bringing everything into focus as one Broad Spectrum of Energy in perpetual motion and change yet, in a state of Balance, hence, the harmony and peace.

This inherent sense of imperceptible force binding all, with each having affinity to the other, creates in the mind a vast sea of being, not excluding the self, felt as either the centre of this vast sea or a point within the unending energy field, with a wavelength that is harmonious to the whole.

Seeing the self in relation to the whole, unique yet harmonious, places the Rosicrucian in the next favourable and simplest stage in the process of attaining the ultimate goal.

A blink, a mere switch of the inner light and the Speck regarded as the self dissolves and seizes to exist. All there is, in the boundless mind, is the Sensation of Being not as a separate entity but an undifferentiated whole. A sensation beyond thoughts nor words, to articulate but a delight to behold.

It is in the wakeful state that one realizes that knowledge in all spheres and shades and the knower are but the same. That the gamut of the Rosicrucian knowledge is in the self. It is not given but discovered, not from without but within. That Rosicrucianism as a body of knowledge, is from the heart and mind of the Creator for all human beings.

And mankind, being a true reflection of the Creator, is a Vessel through which the heart and mind of God are Revealed in Image Form. Hence, the Mastery of the Technique of Self Realization is the Aim of Rosicrucianism. And the Realization of the Self in the Absolute sense of Being is the Goal of the Rosicrucian

The Goal Of A Rosicrucian

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