Rosicrucians and Mysticism

The Rosicrucian Order, also known as the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, uses the word “mystical” in its official title; because the techniques and disciplines found in mysticism are the safest and most accurate methods of personal spiritual discovery. When correctly applied to daily situations, these exercises and techniques open one to insights into areas of research associated with spiritual discovery but, unfortunately, still beyond scientific enquiry.

Mysticism has the potential to lead sincere seekers of esoteric knowledge not only to more profound insights into many of the remaining unknowns of science but, more importantly, can lead them to states of personal accomplishment, happiness and peace beyond their greatest expectations.

Mysticism is not merely a matter of gaining intellectual knowledge, for many excellent colleges and universities worldwide already serve humanity best in that area. Mysticism requires no arduous academic training, no formulas, names or dates to learn by rote, and there are no exams other than those that life itself compels one to take. Mysticism does, however, require sincerity of purpose and dedicated work on improving one’s self towards a personality acknowledged higher ideal.

In one respect, the discipline of mysticism attempts to establish a conscious link between oneself and a mysterious source of knowledge that presently lies beyond scientific enquiry but has been successfully investigated privately for centuries by accomplished mystics.

In another respect, mysticism seeks to unite the individual’s life experience with what religions and philosophies often refer to as “God” or “the Divine” or “the sacred”.

The fact that God or the Divine is an independent existence and source of wisdom beyond the scope of the average human intellect has been attested to by many of the greatest minds of the past. It continues to be eloquently spoken of by some of our era’s greatest thinkers. And this source of wisdom is what mysticism seeks to bring into living reality in the life of every sincere person who seeks it.

Through studying and applying the principles taught by the Rosicrucian Order, one can learn to recognise and respond to a source of infallible wisdom that already exists within oneself. With a sharp intellect and focused purpose, the advice one receives seems to originate from the very depths of one’s being.

What could be more satisfying than discovering, in one’s own time, at one’s own pace and on one’s initiative, new and exciting truths that have immediate and practical use in one’s life?

Every human being has a recognisable, more profound nature or personality of immense potential. We all possess a considerable capacity for self-development that merely needs to be found and brought to the surface of our conscious awareness. Without exception, every human has this embryonic potential just waiting to be used. Your “inner sanctity” constantly guides and urges you to do what you know to be right for yourself, your loved ones, and even those you care very little about but must interact with.This inner guidance has been called the “still, small voice within,” the “Inner Self,” or the “Master Within”.

In developing an awareness of this inner life, you soon learn of the error of relying exclusively on your objective senses and thought processes when making important decisions. There is a different, more refined, sophisticated and accurate method of getting precisely the answers you want, and the Rosicrucian Order assists people in learning how to accomplish this.

On a purely practical level, the study and application of mystical techniques lead to the development of a more mature and integrated personality, more tremendous success in one’s daily activities, and a growing feeling of happiness and peace in one’s personal affairs. Although the benefits of being a Rosicrucian are also a more profound and more metaphysical nature, if peace and happiness were the only things that interest your life in abundance, would it not still be worth your while pursuing such a path?

The Rosicrucian techniques of self-development include highly effective methods of concentration, visualisation, contemplation and meditation, to mention a few. A proper study and application of these techniques can provide powerful tools for helping yourself shape your life on all levels, whether physical, mental, psychic or spiritual.

Rosicrucians and Mysticism

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