How To Deal With Negative Thought Patterns 

Negative thought patterns are energy-draining and can be daunting to handle. Sometimes, your mind appears to run on autopilot, constantly generating unhealthy and self-defeating thoughts. 

Fortunately, negative thought patterns are not impossible to manage, as Rosicrucians use proven techniques to deal with them. This article will discuss negative thought patterns and how to deal with them.

What are negative thinking patterns and their impact on general living?

Negative thinking patterns are a progressive habit of harbouring debilitating thoughts towards oneself and others. Interestingly, people with such thoughts are not always aware of it, making it all the more dangerous. 

Most theories in the field of cognitive therapy affirm that our thoughts determine the way we see ourselves and the works around us. Additionally, the Bible confirms that “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Therefore we can only conclude that negative thinking patterns influence the quality of your lives. It is imperative to know how to deal with them and prevent them in the first place. 

Similarly, negative thinking patterns create a vicious cycle of negativity that adversely impact the human aura, emotions, mental health and overall wellbeing. The disharmony caused by negative thinking patterns also transcends our internal environment and controls the energy around us, thus keeping the victim in perpetual negativity. 

Why and how do negative thoughts come to mind?

Negative thoughts invade the human mind through several channels, some of which are unknown to the individual. As a result, knowing how these thoughts permeate the mind is one-half of the solution. Here are some of them:

Anxiety about time

Rosicrucians are advised to live in the present and take each moment as it comes. 

Similarly, a quote from a Rosicrucian text, unto thee I grant, encourages us along the following lines, “whatever you resolve to do, do it immediately. Defer not till the evening what the morning may accomplish“. 

Such momentary living eliminates the tendency to be stuck in the anxiety over time that breeds negative thought patterns. Time is a perception of the objective human consciousness. Therefore, when you learn to give your entirety to living and simply being in the moment, you can rise above anxiety and begin to conceive more positive thoughts.

Shame and guilt

Feeling ashamed or guilty over past happenings breeds negative thought patterns. Instead of feeling shame about your past failures and mistakes, approach them as learning points for building stronger character. 

Additionally, you should understand that everyone is on a journey toward self-mastery. Such understanding is more soothing and energizing to enable you to pick up yourself when you fall and keep moving. It also purifies your mind by setting your thoughts on worthwhile ideals to follow. 

Fear of the unknown

Fear of the unknown is one of the leading causes of negative thought patterns because most people concentrate on trying to predict future outcomes instead of enjoying every moment as it comes. It is akin to paying interest on funds not received.

Knowing how to deal with and, at best, avoid creating negative thought patterns is critical for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Here is how!

How to prevent and stop negative thinking

As cliche as it sounds, “prevention is better than cure“. Therefore, preventing negative thought patterns is better than trying to remedy the situation. Here are some valuable tips and practical exercises to help you.

Keep positive company

Spending time around negative people reinforces the vicious cycle of negative thinking that takes over your mind. So keeping positive company lifts your mood and puts you in high spirits. However, positive company is not limited to friends or family, as a good book is just as good. 

Refrain from judging

Being judgemental and critical of situations and people reinforces negative thought patterns. It blinds you from seeing the good in others and increases your fixation on negativity. However, when you refrain from judging, you open yourself to a world of acceptance. Rosicrucians know that the state of receptivity during any mystical exercise is when they receive answers and impressions from God. 

Practice gratitude

Practising gratitude is an effective method to stop negative thinking. It allows you to focus on the things for which you are thankful. In our fast-paced society, many people are fixated on the things they do not have or wish they had, so much so that they neglect the things they have. As a result, they plunge into negative thoughts. 

Research has shown that practising gratitude impacts your life quality positively. A simple way is to start the day with thanksgiving to the God of your heart for a new day and end with thanks for a day well spent. Gratitude is self-sustaining and does not need elaborate practice to master, as a little goes a long way.

Cultivate an attitude of prayer

Prayer is universal and shared among all religions. It provides an effective channel for people to communicate with the divine. Interestingly, prayer helps ward off negative thoughts by creating the feeling of discussing with a confidant. 

When you pray, you generate the sense of reporting your problems to a listening ear. It is like talking to a therapist that makes you feel secure afterwards. As a result, you do not require special items to pray effectively. All you need is the sincerity of your heart and the willingness to communicate your deepest feelings. 

Practice mediation and mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness are ancient practices for developing and harnessing the power of the subconscious mind to elevate the human consciousness. At such heightened levels, the mind can shade off negative thoughts and focus on the spiritual plane of existence, absolute peace and bliss. 

There are as many ways to meditate and practice mindfulness as the benefits of the practice. Examples of such benefits include but are not limited to calmer heart rate, lowering blood pressure, revitalizing the body, sharpening the mind and increasing inner peace.

Smile more

Science reveals that it takes fewer facial muscles to smile than to frown. In addition, wearing a smile is the best makeup, according to top beauty experts. Smiling nudges your mind to agree that all is well. When you smile more, your mind follows the same path to create positive thoughts and build positive energy around you. 

How to transform a negative thought into positive

Many people struggle with transforming negative thoughts into positive ones. One of the most effective ways is to use the power of positive affirmation. By confessing positively about situations, you speak words of life into them. Interestingly, in the mental and spiritual realm, like attracts like. Therefore when you speak positively about any situation, you create a mental magnet that attracts positive things to you from the universe.

Even though negative thought patterns can seem overwhelming, they are not insurmountable. Hopefully, the principles in this article can guide you towards creating and leading a more exciting life through the power of positive thinking. 

How To Deal With Negative Thought Patterns 

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