The immense power of sounds and vibrations

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A fundamental part of the creation of the world as recorded by our ancient narrative, is the involvement of sound, and the resultant effect of the vibrations of the sound in the creation of how we perceive matter, space and time.

The Christian tradition presents a universe that was created on the basis of a spoken word ‘ let there be light’, the power of this spoken word is the sole reason why humans can perceive the known universe.

If you look carefully at the various accounts of creation around the world, we will find a recurrent theme of this spoken words.

The power of sounds and vibrations is etched into all the memories and consciousness of humans of all race, in different continents, all at the same time.

It is quite puzzling to understand the scope of how the entirety of human records on creation are all saying the same similar things across the span of the earth’s surface.

Sand patterns created by the vibration of sounds at different frequencies

It undoubtedly points to a lost universal knowledge, a shared oral and written knowledge, one that represents the oldest form of our oral tradition.

In the words of Graham Hancock, scientist “We are a species with amnesia” because the power of sounds and vibrations has origins that predated everything. It tells us of a common oral ancestry, and all evidence points to the lost city of Atlantis.

The beauty of vibrations is etched on this plate

Written by Temidayo Nwabueze 

The immense power of sounds and vibrations

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