Spirituality And Democracy

There is a possible positive correlation between spirituality and democracy. However, it is not a new concept. A definite and categorical statement was made about this relationship when Plato (428-347BCE) stated that the success of democracy is contingent upon availability of “good men”. A “good man” according to Plato and Socrates, his Master, is a man or woman whose soul has undergone such experiences as[…]

The Challenge Of Spiritual Leadership

In the world today, the media conveys to us stories and images of a world in confusion, a world in chaos, and indeed a world bedeviled by several calamities-natural disasters as well as self-imposed suffering and anguish. From whichever angle we view the world scenario, be it economic, socio political or even environmental, humanity seems to lack a sense of direction and focus as to[…]

Spirituality In The Digital Age

Within the Rosicrucian context, Spirituality is a conscious desire to explore the depths of our soul’s existence and the universe we reside in. This typically involves a tenacious inquiry and consistent examination into the spiritual and natural laws governing our universe and everything in it.

AMORC And Society

 By Chief (Dr.) Kenneth Idiodi, FRC We live in a dynamic world of change. A world that has become a global village if not indeed a global family. It is also a world of political instability, social malaise and economic depression in many countries-especially the developing nations. Living and functioning as we do in today’s rather hostile environment, a question is often asked: In what[…]

Mysticism – Key to individual and National Development

By Chief (Dr.) Kenneth Idiodi, FRC  It has been a matter of concern, though not debatable, that Nigeria is classified as a developing country. This classification implies that the country has an underdeveloped industrial base, and a relatively low life expectancy, low educational level, and low per capita income of its citizens when compared to other countries. Clearly, the development of a nation is tied[…]

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