The Rosicrucian Pyramid Fete: Its Meaning and Relevance

Achievements of rare human ingenuity and marvel like the building of the Pyramids of the world demonstrate man’s inherent love for greatness. These accomplishments are made possible through the refining of ideas, transfer of skills, division of labour, specialization, and simplification of work – they prove man’s potential aspirations toward excellence. The great pyramid of Gizeh in ancient Egypt for instance, is a superstructure of stupendous accomplishment. It is of particular interest to Rosicrucians and remains one of the seven great wonders of the world.

Rosicrucians worldwide commemorate the building of the pyramids of ancient Egypt by celebrating the Pyramid Fete, also known as the Pyramid Ceremony. In Rosicrucian tradition, the pyramid represents a set of ideals systematically arranged from the base to the peak, surmounted by the Rosy Cross at its peak. It symbolizes the virtues to which every Rosicrucian aspires in order to reach illumination or a perfected state of character. The Pyramid Fete therefore rekindles the flame and affinity within all Rosicrucians for the study, teaching and practical application of natural and spiritual laws for attaining peace, health and happiness for oneself and others. 

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What Significance Does the Pyramid of Ideals hold for Rosicrucians?

The Pyramid of Ideals is a constant reminder to all Rosicrucians to elevate one’s being by aspiring to the highest conceivable standards one step at a time. It is surmounted by the Rosy Cross, whose ideal of purity and perfection all Rosicrucian students aspire to. 

The layers of the Pyramid of Ideals begin from the base to the apex as follows:

• Truth

• Tolerance

• Honour

• Justice

• Temperance 

• Honestly

• Fortitude 

• Morality

• Chastity

• Duty

The Rosicrucian Pyramid Of Ideals

Essentially, the steps for ascending the pyramid of ideals begin with truth as the foundation from which we climb up to the summit which represents duty to God and humanity. As we gaze on their noble virtues, as we try to internalize and align our thoughts and conduct daily to the perfecting of our lives, we become more and more illumined and experience Peace Profound.

The Pyramid Fete, with its illustrious meaning and significance, encourages all of humanity towards noble creation, with each block or stone we lay during the ceremony. Essentially the purity of our thoughts is powerful enough to create a better world for us all, today and for posterity. With lofty ideals and pure aspirations, we create a great destiny from within us – we create our world!

As we commemorate this Fete with a noble history, may our inner light perpetually unite us with the greater Light to which we aspire!

So Mote It Be! 

Happy Pyramid Fete!

We Invite You

Symbolic ceremonies and festivals re-enact historical events to remind us of our most cherished concepts or ideals. The Rosicrucian Order AMORC, invites you to participate in the commemoration of the pyramid of ideals through the Pyramid Fete which will be re-enacted in all affiliated bodies of the Order at various times over the weekend, 17th and 18th September 2022. It is free to members of the public who wish to participate. You may also connect with us on our website, blog and social media platforms @ Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for more unified efforts towards enlightenment. 

The Rosicrucian Pyramid Fete: Its Meaning and Relevance

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