Life Force: The Genesis of Creation  


The word ‘Force’ can interchangeably be used in place of God: Being: Light and Mind, especially in its pure essence. Force implies sustained motion that is transient from an original state, regarded as its Source and transformed into a manifest form as matter. In this regard, force has an inherent desire to express certain characteristics, such as density, warmth and change, and become something other than its original spiritual state.

Other attributes of force are to exhibit qualities of Energy, and this energy can be expressed in a dual form as negative and positive, to attract and repel and further establish characteristics as adhesion or repulsion. These are the various forms in which force manifests itself, especially in the objective sphere.

At the spiritual level, force is an impulse to become something through a transcendental process with the propensity to create. For force to create from nothing means force must have been something of no particular nature before becoming anything in particular (regarded as emanation), i.e. first, it was introverted and self-absorbed, hence, in a state of darkness. 

For creation to be, force must first transit from its latent state into motion with density and warmth and concentrate these attributes at a point within its own Being, as Light. This first point of light must necessarily be different from what force was before the beginning or first emanation as Light.

In the beginning, force as Light is an undifferentiated expression (emanation), i.e., extroversion of self. The desire to be can only be the self, but this self cannot be realised until there is a counterpart of the self in image form. In other words, the light was without reflection, which means force was undifferentiated into characteristics or attributes.

The light was all-encompassing (all-embracing), limitless and absolute. For self to be reflected, the light must first contract itself in a dual nature of self (light) and non-self (darkness), referred to as soul and spirit, respectively. These dual essences of force are both emanations being in their original state as the first emanation and are equal and opposite, meaning that they are independent and separate. One (the soul) has all the qualities of light, such as luminosity, the power to enlighten and illuminate and the ability to reflect self. But this quality of self-reflection can only be attained through a dark medium. Hence, the other part, the spirit that initially had no apparent quality and persists as darkness and is passive, while the opposite is active.

In its apparent lack, for there to be an image reflection of self, the soul as consciousness must move into the dark spirit. But before the dark spirit can serve as receptable, it must be activated. Both spirit and soul cannot move because one is absolute, and the other is in a state of inertia—that which must move the soul and activate the spirit but have an affinity to both. 

That which has an affinity to both is nothing but Force of a different nature, to serve both as a vehicle to move the soul and penetrate to activate the spirit and imbue it with qualities as potential energy. Force transforms spirit into spirit energy, with dual polarities as negative and positive energies. This split of force makes the energy in spirit relatively negative. The force that conveys soul and its attributes into spirit is not split, so it is relatively positive. 

The soul, as light or consciousness within the dark spirit, emanated another essence referred to as Mind. It is also mind as is the first emanation because this emanation is a direct reflection of the first. The difference is only in respect to the fact that the first is undifferentiated into characteristics and qualities, hence, regarded as a unity symbolised with the colour white, while the nature of this emanation is differentiated into attributes. This last emanation has the combined qualities of soul and spirit and is an absolute reflection of the undifferentiated first emanation. 

In other words, it is in this emanation that the nature of the uncreated Being can be conceived as the Christ. Here, the purpose of creation (desire to be) is realised as the self (reflection of an image). Force is everything that was before the emanation as light, introverted and absorbed within itself as desire to be. Force is the potential impulse to reveal itself as Being (Light) in what could be regarded as creation or emanation. Force is that which splits itself into dual natures. 

One is the soul (consciousness), which is active force, and the other is the spirit (dark sphere), which is perceived force. They are each force from a different perspective. It is the same force that established their potential to be moved and to be activated as spirit energies, respectively. Force is what brought them together, and the resulting effect is nothing but the same force as a reflection of self within a background of itself as a mirror.

Force is that which is transient in its constellations as polarities of energies to establish itself at different rates of vibrations to create different levels of forms, referred to as manifestations of matter. Force is that which crystalised to form the physical world. Hence, the minerals, plants and animals, including man, are nothing but different rates of vibration of force to manifest in the mirage of the objective world, perceived by the senses, which themselves are constellations and vibratory rates of force. In other words, force is everything as soul, spirit, mind and body, which sphere of existence regarded as the Universe which persists within a balanced state of force of different vibrations.

Knowing that all is Force and harnessing its different expressions as energy can bring about the required knowledge of both the spiritual and the material creation for the betterment of humankind and acceleration of growth in character and awareness for spiritual regeneration. 

Force had always been from the source as God the uncreated. Force is the created God, nature and man. And all human creations are nothing but the transformation of this very one force, which man conceives in four different ways, referred to as the quaternary, represented simply with the elements of fire; water; air and earth, alongside the laws; principles and logic of their emanations and manifestation, known as spiritual (heaven) and material (earth).

Force is never lost nor created but in perpetual motion and change. Hence, Life, which is its ultimate expression, is transient but eternal, as its material nature shall always go back to its original spiritual state, as it was in the beginning.

Life Force: The Genesis of Creation  

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